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How to Get Started:

  1. Log on or create an account. If our DoD team is available online, you can simply chat live with a designer by clicking on "Chat Now!" in the right bottom corner.
  2. After you login, fill out your request form with the products you would like to visualize.
  3. Upload your files and send your request to DoD.
  4. A DoD team member will contact you.

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How easy is it to submit your flooring projects to Designer on Demand?

We'll do the work for you, simply upload your project with our Designer on
Demand and uploading your project is easy. You can submit your project by...

  • Select a room type from
    our virtual view library
    and send us your palette /
    product specs
  • Send us custom room
    images and palette /
    product specs
  • Send us your floorplans
    and palette / product specs
  • Send us your 3D files and
    we can create a custom
    virtual room scene

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to get started?

    Getting started is very easy. There are two ways you can get started with us: you can create an account and submit your project or contact us via our live chat.

    What if I want custom products in my renderings?

    For renderings that include custom products, please request swatches by contacting for soft surface products and for resilient products, prior to submitting your project. Renderings with custom products will take an additional business day to complete.

    Are there costs associated with this service?

    Designer on Demand is offered at NO COST to the clients and account executives.

    What are the turnaround times?

    Turnaround times are based on the size of the project, and can range from one to three business days.

    How will I know when my renderings are completed?

    Our Designer on Demand will contact you via email when your renderings are completed.

    How many product materials can I submit?

    You can submit up to 12 materials per submission, multiple projects can be submitted to incorporate additional materials.

    What if I have revisions to a project?

    Not a problem, you can submit revisions by logging into your account, view your history, and select the original job via the online project submission form. Revisions go back into the que and are assigned in the same time frame as new project requests.

    Having difficulty submitting projects?

    Try closing and opening your browser and try again. If you are still having difficulty try a different web browser (ie. Chrome, Firefox).

    Why am I not receiving a confirmation email for submitted projects?

    This may be an issue with the browser. Try clearing your browsing history or try a different browser (ie. Chrome, Firefox).

    Can I get the original program files of my renderings?

    Yes, you can get the original program files in one of the following formats: Photoshop, SketchUp, or Revit.

    What if I am having trouble logging into my account?

    If you are having issues with logging into your account, please try resetting your password. If you are still unable to log in after resetting your password, please contact our DoD team through the contact form.

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  • For additional questions...


    questions can be emailed to
    or call us at...

    844-DOD-TKTT (844-363-8588)

    We respond within one business day or less.

    We love getting feedback! To provide program feedback contact Traci Kloos
    at 440-903-4077.

    For job inquiries or questions about DOD processes contact Jeremy Quails
    at 706-934-0155.