Easy Ways to Submit a Project to DoD

We Have the Space

Room Scenes for Any Space

Select you need from the drop down menu when enter your Designer on Demand project. Tell us what room type you need and we will select an image from your robust, virtual view library.

Start Your Project with Our Room Scenes
We Can Use Your Space

Provide Your Own Room Scenes

If you need additional modifications to your own room scene, DoD can do that. Simply tell us what changes you would like to your image.

Start Your Project with Your Room Scenes
Get a Bird's-Eye View

Send Us Your Full Floor Plans

Send Designer on Demand your floor plans, along with a selection of materials you would like to use in each space, and the team will create a beautiful rendering tailored to your project specifications.

Start Your Project with Your Floor Plans
The Overall Design Concept

Full Pattern Repeat

Let the Designer on Demand team layout a full pattern repeat of your unique flooring design. This will help clients understand the overall design concept and provide a visual reference of the design when speaking to your installation team.

Start Your Project with Your Floor Plans
The Perfect Palette

Material Palettes

Designer on Demand can help you develop a palette of materials for your next big project. From modular soft surface to LVT and Powerbond to Millwork, our DoD team will put together the materials and color selections based on your specific project specifications.

Start Your Project with Custom Palettes